America's Best Pool Tables Built with Southern Hospitality


Q: Why should I buy a Tennessee Jack pool table?
A: If you are looking for a quality made pool table manufactured to exacting standards and installed by a professionally certified installer Tennessee Jack is your choice. Tennessee Jack tables have the following:
  • BCA approved 3 piece 1” thick premium Brazilian slate
  • Tennessee Jack Perfect-Shot ® cushions
  • Genuine Leather Pockets
  • 22 ounce Championship or Simonis Cloth
  • Double Center Beam Construction
  • Tournament grade rails
Q: Are Tennessee Jack tables tournament grade.
A: Absolutely. Tennessee Jack table are made to all specifications meeting BCA (Billiards Congress of America) requirements. From the slate, rails, cushions, height of table, to pocket openings, all Tennessee Jack pool tables are built to exacting requirements for professional tournament play.
Q: What accessories are included with my Tennessee Jack pool table?
A: Our accessory kit includes:
  • 4- 2 piece cues
  • 1- set 6 oz 2 1/4” balls
  • 1- wood triangle
  • 1- wood 9 ball rack
  • 1- cue rack to hold the cues and bridge
  • 1- bridge
  • 1- table brush
  • 1- under rail brush
  • 1- pill bottle and set of pills
Q: I the slate 1 piece or 3 piece?
A: All Tennessee Jack pool tables are built according to BCA (Billiard Congress of America) specifications which require the slate be 3 piece 1” slate.
Q: Do Tennessee Jack pool tables ever go on sale?
A: At certain times of the year, our tables are sold to our dealers at discount depending if we are in a manufacturing overstock position or not. It is best to check with your local authorized dealer to check if they have any tables available at discount.
Q: Do the tables come apart to go upstairs?
A: Yes. All our tables are shipped in knockdown format. You can take a Tennessee Jack pool table upstairs, downstairs, around corners, as they are in a disassembled state.
Q: How long has Tennessee Jack been in business?
A: Tennessee Jack has been manufacturing pool tables since 1997 and has built up a network of dedicated authorized dealers with professional experience.
Q: Does Tennessee Jack install its own pool tables?
A: Tennessee Jack has a demanding training program that is mandatory for all authorized Tennessee Jack dealers. Our dealers take the training and get certification once they pass on the requirements. Installation plays a major part in the quality of play of each table. The difference between a level and non-level pool table is the thickness of a dollar bill. Tennessee Jack recommends that you use an authorized Tennessee Jack dealer or one of their certified agents to install your Tennessee Jack pool table.
Q: How long does it take to get my Tennessee Jack pool table?
A: Please check with your local dealer to determine what they have in stock. Normal manufacturing time is about 4 to 8 weeks depending on seasonality.
billiard tableGalveston
Price $3,999.00
billiard tableLouisiana
Price $4,177.00
billiard tableWinchester
Price $5,199.00
billiard tableCrown
Price $4,999.00
billiard tableJameson
Price $4,999.00