America's Best Pool Tables Built with Southern Hospitality



billiard table frame billiard table frame

Tennessee Jack pool tables have a specially designed reinforced frame system that provides stability and maximum support.

Full length slate support with double cross beam construction and support braces maintain maximum strength and additional slate levelling contact points. Corner frame braces and leg supports provide additional stability. Tennessee Jack uses thick heavy duty corner block supports to help create one of the strongest frames in the industry. Each leg is attached to the table frame by threaded aluminum inserts. This provides durable precision assemble and re-assembly without damaging the table.


billiard table wood billiard table wood

Tennessee Jack tables are constructed of the finest kiln dried hardwoods.

We use Canadian Maple, Pennsylvania Cherry, Alder, Mahogany, Oak and other select hardwoods.

All frames are kiln dried to 7% moisture content to resist against warping and to ensure maximum rigidity.

No fiber or particle board is used in Tennessee Jack tables. You will find other tables use fiber board, particle board or both in their construction. We use only high quality wood in the construction of our tables.

Because of the hardwoods we use and our superior frame construction, Tennessee Jack offers the widest frame displacement resulting in incredible support and stability.


billiard table slate billiard table slate

All Tennessee Jack tables are built according to the BCA (Billiard Congress of America) specifications. BCA requires that all tables used in World Tournaments have three piece 1” thick slate. All our tables have three piece 1” thick premium quality Brazilian slate. Premium Brazilian slate is known to provide the truest and most accurate play and is guaranteed by the slate mines not to warp.

The University of Missouri Department of Mining Engineering at Rolla, Missouri, indicates the Brazilian slate is of superior strength and more suitable for pool table playfields.


billiard table rail billiard table rail

Tennessee Jack tables consist of a 2 piece rail system. Rails consist of a rail cap and a sub-rail liner.

The Rail Cap is the wood section of the rail that is visible and affects the looks of your pool table. Our rail caps are made of hardwood and are inlayed with mother of pearl sights. We use a premium oil and wax finish that provides protection and beauty.

The Sub-rail or rail liner is the part of the rail that you cannot see once your table is assembled. It is what the rubber is actually attached to and it is the part of the rail that comes in contact with the slate and allows the rails to be fastened to the slate. All our sub-rails are made of solid wood. Each of our sub-rails has an aluminum insert which allows for maximum torque on the connecting bolts, making the rails as tight as possible.


billiard table leg billiard table leg billiard table leg

Tennessee Jack table legs offer high quality both in the construction and the finishes. Since all of our pool table's legs are made of solid woods like Canadian Maple, Pennsylvania Cherry, Alder, Mahogany, Oak the legs will provide better stability and support, as well as decorative beauty. The wide variety of styles and patterns are available to help you find the table that will fit in perfectly with your home.


billiard table cushion billiard table cushion

Tennessee Jack Perfect-Shot ® cushions are manufactured exclusively for Tennessee Jack Billiards.

Cushions are the most critical aspect of the rail system. All Tennessee Jack cushions meet or exceed the Billiards Congress of America specifications for tournament grade cushions.

Our cushions are made from 100% live gum rubber and are cured to a true K-66 face profile. In addition, the nose height of each cushion is consistently 1.41" to 1.45" (62.5%-64.5% the height of a standard 2-1/4 pool ball) to maintain optimum performance and consistency in play.

Tennessee Jack Perfect-Shot ® cushions will give you years of enjoyment and superior play.

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